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Top 5 Best Pet Insurance Companies (2022 Review)

Quickly find the best pet insurance company for you with our impartial review of the top providers for your furry friend.
Reviews by This Old House Reviews Team
07/11/2022 5:10 PM
Pet insurance is a great way to receive peace of mind that your pet will be treated immediately after an unpredicted emergency and that you won’t have to pay expensive vet bills out of pocket. The best pet insurance companies give you the option to customize coverage based on your protection needs and budget, offering discounts, featuring 24/7 access to licensed vets for advice, and providing options for wellness and routine care.

To help you find the best pet insurance provider, the This Old House Reviews team examined the top 10 pet insurance companies in the industry and compared their plans, pricing, and benefits.

We also scored them on key metrics, such as coverage, plan options, eligibility, customer service, cost, and reputation.

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Top 5 Best Pet Insurance Companies

Here are the top 9 providers of the best pet insurance on the market today:

Lemonade: Best Overall
Spot: Most Customizable Plans
Embrace: Best Deductibles
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance: Best for New Pet Owners
Fetch: Best Holistic Coverage
Healthy Paws: Best Coverage Limit
Prudent Pet: Most Comprehensive Plan
Figo: Best Extra Coverage Add-on
Pumpkin: Best for Dental Coverage


We named Lemonade ‘Best Overall’ and gave it a score of 96 out of 100 for its comprehensive coverage, pricing, availability, and customer service.

There isn’t much to dislike about this provider; its plans come at affordable prices, customers can choose from a variety of coverage limits, reimbursements, and deductible options, and it offers a comprehensive wellness plan for routine care coverage.

Lemonade also offers an inexpensive coverage boost add-on for those who want all vet expenses and fees included in their policy, in addition to extra coverage for acupuncture and therapy. Additionally, this provider features a unique mobile app with AI technology for claims filing and enrollment, making managing your policy smooth and easy.

Best Overall
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Pros and Cons
✔ Has a charitable giveback program
✔ Has a 48-hour waiting period for accidents
✔ Doesn’t have age limits for coverage

✘ Doesn’t cover behavioral treatments or dental veterinary care
✘ Is available in only 35 states

Lemonade Pet Insurance Plans
Lemonade offers one primary accident and illness plan with three add-on options:

Preventative Care
Vet Visit Fees
Physical Therapy
However, the insurer’s exclusions include pre-existing conditions, behavioral treatments, elective cosmetic procedures, and dental care.

Based on our research, we found monthly premiums for standard Lemonade policies to fall around $15–$30 per month for dogs and $9–$15 per month for cats.

Get a Quote: To get a free quote from Lemonade, fill out this simple online form.

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Look to Spot for the most customizable pet insurance policy. This provider scored 91 out of 100, performing well for its coverage options, deductibles, and plan to price.

In addition to offering seven annual limit options from $2,500 to unlimited, three reimbursement levels, and five annual deductibles, Spot features one of the cheapest plans on the market for accident-only coverage, making it perfect for those who need only minimal coverage.

Most Customizable Plans
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Pros and Cons
✔ Its standard plan includes microchipping
✔ Offers a 10% discount for customers with multiple pets
✔ Features an unlimited coverage option

✘ Doesn’t cover pets under eight weeks old
✘ Has a long waiting period of 14 days for accidents

Spot Pet Insurance Plans
Although Spot excludes pre-existing health issues, cosmetic procedures, and breeding costs from its plans, its two plans provide coverage for either accidents only or both accidents and illnesses. It includes coverage for exam fees and vet visit fees and also offers two wellness plan options at flat rates.

Customers can customize their plan with options for reimbursements, annual coverage limits, and annual deductibles.

Here’s an overview of each Spot plan and additional coverage option:

Accident-Only Plan
Accident and Illness Plan
Gold Preventative Care
Platinum Preventative Care
Based on our research, we found monthly premiums for standard Spot policies to fall around $15–$25 per month for dogs and $10–$15 per month for cats.

Get a Quote: To get a free quote from Spot, fill out this easy online form.

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Embrace scored 93.5 out of 100, earning points for its plan’s cost, customization, and additional features but losing points for its low coverage limits.

We recommend this provider for anyone who wants to prioritize affordability since it offers ways to lower your premium with five deductible options and a Healthy Pet Deductible benefit, a diminishing deductible benefit that lowers what you pay by $50 each year you don’t file a claim.

Best Deductibles
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Pros and Cons
✔ Features an online chat for customer service
✔ Includes coverage for exam fees
✔ Offers policy management online and through a mobile app

✘ Its highest annual coverage limit option is $30,000
✘ Has limited customer service hours

Embrace Pet Insurance Plans
Embrace offers one plan for accidents and illnesses and an additional wellness plan. Both exclude pre-existing conditions and aesthetic, cosmetic, or elective procedures.

In addition to standard coverage, Embrace also offers optional Wellness Rewards for routine care to help with routine care costs such as vet exams and other procedures to keep your pet healthy.

Based on our research, we found monthly premiums for standard Embrace policies to fall around $25–$55 per month for dogs and $20–$30 per month for cats.

Note: The Wellness Rewards plan is not available in Rhode Island.

Get a Quote: Visit the Embrace website to get an instant quote by entering your pet’s age, breed, and location.

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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is one of the most well-known pet insurance providers due to its partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). It scored an 89 out of 100 in our review and stood out for its online resources.

For instance, you can use the vet finder tool on its website or mobile app to find local vets near you, and you can tap into dozens of resources on its website for information on various pet breeds and their common health needs.

Best for New Pet Owners
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Pros and Cons
✔ Covers behavioral issues and conditions
✔ Offers an accident-only plan for low-cost coverage on accidents and injuries
✔ Includes coverage for exam fees in its standard plans

✘ Doesn’t offer a website chat for customer service
✘ Has longer-than-usual wait times for customer support, according to third-party customer reviews

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Plans
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers two plans: one for accident-only coverage and one that covers accidents and illnesses. Like most other companies, it doesn’t cover any conditions that were pre-existing before coverage starts, breeding or pregnancy issues, cosmetic procedures, and elective surgeries.

When getting a quote, you can select reimbursement rates, annual deductibles, and annual coverage limits options to customize the premium.

Here is an overview of both pet insurance plan options in addition to the provider’s two wellness add-on options:

Accident-Only Coverage Plan
Complete Coverage™ Plan
Basic Preventative Plan
Prime Preventative Plan
Based on our research, we found monthly premiums for standard ASPCA Pet Health policies to fall around $15–$25 per month for dogs and $10–$20 per month for cats.

Get a Quote: Visit the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance website to get an instant quote on a pet insurance policy.

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Fetch by The Dodo

Fetch scored 91.5 out of 100 for its impressive coverage in its accident and illness plan. We recommend this provider to pet parents who want holistic care coverage—something that’s typically limited or excluded by other pet insurance providers.

Fetch covers your whole pet with holistic care treatments such as stem cell therapy, homeotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and laser therapy when recommended by a licensed vet. It also covers up to $1,000 for behavioral therapies.

Best Holistic Coverage
Fetch by the Dodo
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Pros and Cons
✔ Features a helpful mobile app for policy management and claims filing
✔ Offers a 15% discount on policy renewal after a year without filing a claim
✔ Covers sick visits and exam fees with its standard policy

✘ Requires annual checkups and dental exams for your pet to remain eligible for coverage
✘ Has a longer waiting period of 15 days for all conditions

Fetch Plans
Fetch has a single plan that covers both accidents and illness, including your pet’s unexpected injuries, broken bones, dental illnesses, cancer, digestive illness, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, behavioral disorders, and more.

It doesn’t cover cosmetic procedures or pre-existing health conditions that occur before or during the 15-day waiting period. It also doesn’t offer any coverage add-ons for wellness and preventative care.

You can choose between the multiple options to customize your coverage and premiums.

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